a vintage inspired elopement

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I found a new favorite. *sigh*….love when that happens. Jill Thomas Photography- check out this elopement that she photographed a little while back. I’m loving this couple’s style and individuality. They are a stand out pair to say the least. vintage_elopementringbearer_flower_girl_vintage_weddingvintage_wedding_elopementvintage_inspired_ringbearervintage_inspired_elopement_weddingvintage_inspired_bride_groonvintage_bride_groom_kiss Eloping seems so romantic sometimes! An intimately small guestlist (or nonexistent one) is definitely something to consider. Maybe your wedding would be perfect with just the two of you or just a handful of the people that matter most… recommended activity for the next few minutes- head over to Jill’s blog for more inspiration.

Inspiration, DIY, and Gifts

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I have been spending hours perusing the internet, catching up on my favorite blogs, discovering new ones… Trying to get a feel for what’s out there, and what needs to be out there :-) . I wanted to share a few things I came across that peaked my interest!

Photography by Michael Gaydon: What great inspiration for you winter brides! Cotton plants…. I love this idea. I’ll have to do some research on how you get your hands on these if you don’t happen to live near a cotton field, but hey…it’s inspiration. And how awesome would it be to have a winter engagement session with those horses! Can’t you just see it- a couple with all their winter accessories…walking through the snow, leading their horses. Another with the guy helping the girl off the horse. Another with them roasting marshmallows… I could go on.

Whit & Whistle: This blog is full of all sorts of goodness. These diy crafts were particularly interesting. Amanda created a chalkboard platter, chalkboard mug, and this stenciled pillow. Someone please stencil me a pillow one with my favorite love song lyrics. I want one bad!

Friendship Bracelet: This is soooo cute. It’s like a friendship bracelet for adults! A little pricey for a bridesmaid gift, but maybe some of ya’ll can swing it. Or maybe just for your one true bestie? Comes in brass or silver.

Dynamo Typochocolate: It’s chocolate that says “best day ever.” It’s chocolate so….good gift by default. The typography is just the cherry on top.

Cookbook: Cookbooks are a typical bridal shower gift…but this one put an instant smile on my face. Isn’t this how every woman feels many a night??? I think this also works as a gift to the groom. I’ll admit- I have no idea if the recipes are good… it’s the profanity that got me.