Pink Ombre Wedding Inspiration

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Since today is the day where pink reigns supreme (red too, I know…but I’m playing favorites), I thought I’d share my collection of pink ombre photos. I’m loving this trend! Here’s to all of us that will always believe in love. Have a wonderful day with the ones you love most. :-)

monotone color combinations for bridesmaids

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It’s not often that you see bridesmaids carrying the same color flowers as their dress. Most brides, probably due to tradition, try to disperse their 2 or 3 wedding colors evenly through all the elements of the wedding. Dress one color- flowers the other color. I came across this photo a little while back and instantly noticed the purple on purple. It’s a somewhat forgotten approach that’s worth considering.

    purple_bridesmaids_with_flowers titlepink_bridesmaid_with_pink_flowersgreen_bridesmaid_with_green_flowers3coral_bridesmaid_dress3yellow_bridesmaids_with_yellow_flowers1

A Winter take on a Pink and Yellow Wedding

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One of spring’s best combos- pink and yellow- gets a winter makeover…thanks to a few color additions. In this board, I’ve grounded the light, and airy pastels with bold black and white, and rustic wood tones. It’s warm, but wintery (what a nice combo!) and it’s fun and flirty. I’m especially loving the use of stripes! Patterns in your palette are an easy way to make your wedding different than the usual. Happy Monday!

it’s been a long time

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Hi Old (and new) Friends, It’s been a while, I know. Oh how I’ve missed thee! I considered filling this post with all of reasons (maybe excuses) for why it’s been so long. But… I figured, it doesn’t really matter. I’m just glad to be back. Sigh….feels like I’m home again after a long vacation. :-) Inspiration to come!

a vintage inspired elopement

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I found a new favorite. *sigh*….love when that happens. Jill Thomas Photography- check out this elopement that she photographed a little while back. I’m loving this couple’s style and individuality. They are a stand out pair to say the least. vintage_elopementringbearer_flower_girl_vintage_weddingvintage_wedding_elopementvintage_inspired_ringbearervintage_inspired_elopement_weddingvintage_inspired_bride_groonvintage_bride_groom_kiss Eloping seems so romantic sometimes! An intimately small guestlist (or nonexistent one) is definitely something to consider. Maybe your wedding would be perfect with just the two of you or just a handful of the people that matter most… recommended activity for the next few minutes- head over to Jill’s blog for more inspiration.